Ball programme

Saturday Evening Ball Programme

J (C)New Year JigBook 51
RA Trip to BavariaCollins Pocket Reference
S (C)Karin’s Strathspey Carnforth Collection 2
RJ B MilneAngus Fitchett Album
JThe Bees of MaggieknockaterCanadian Book
S City of Belfast Belfast Diamond Jubilee
RThe Australian LadiesGlasgow Assembly
J (C)Bill Clement MBE Book 47
SThe Belle of Bon AccordDeeside Book 2
RFisherman’s ReelDunblane Holiday
Maxina - Supper
RMaxwell’s RantBook 18
JRothesay Rant12 SCD (Birmingham 1973)
S (C)Miss Eleanor Book 49
JBest Set in the HallBook 46
R (C)Trip to Timber Ridge Book 52
SBroadwayBig Apple Collection
JThe Hunting HornSCD Archives
RThe Deil Amang the TailorsBook 14

Last Waltz

(C) Denotes core dances

Programme subject to change

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