Ball programme

Saturday Evening Ball

Celebrating Dancing Again!
At Trident High School, Arawa Road, Whakatane
On 4 June 2022, commencing at 7.30pm
With Music by Wild Heather
RAllemande to GoSCD Is All Around the World
JCabbages and KingsHarbour City
SThe Water of LeithEdinburgh 90th Anniversary
RAndrew's DanceHarbour City
RFlight to Melbourne RSCDS Bk 47
SThere’s Nae Luck Aboot the HooseRSCDS Bk 10
JWaverley Whispers Waverley Suite
RMr William Brown’s ReelGalloway Album
ROrpington CaledoniansRSCDS Bk 49
SSandy’s Scotch Broth Katannuta Book
JHooper’s JigMiss Milligan's Miscellany 2
SThe Minister on the Loch25 Graded and Social Dances
RThe Montgomeries' RantRSCDS Bk 10
JThe Compleat GardenerGraded Bk 3

Please bring your own water bottle!

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